Once more, we give it everything!

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Once more, we give it everything!

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Dear friends of the Palace,

As we announced yesterday, this is the final countdown of our big birthday celebration. From now on, everything revolves around this year. In 2019, we indeed released three games. The first one of them was Pinochle on June 6. In the past couple of days, we kept mentioning working on new games. Pinochle was part of that, along with two other games. Who knows if someone is working on new releases for next year already…?

Regional Classic

Additionally, to internationally well-known games, we wanted to offer you something extraordinary and focused on a smaller game with more regional occurrence, Pinochle from Württemberg.

Pinochle has another unique characteristic among the games at the Palace: We rethought and completely revised our design there. If we are going to apply this design to our existing games in the future, we can not say yet. For now, we gain experience with it and observe the game’s development. And we have another announcement for Pinochle: Next year we will finally enable the club feature, so you can found your own clubs there!

Pinochle is a trick-taking game. It is all about strategic bidding, melding, and trick-taking! At the Pinochle Palace, you can play with three or four players. In a game of three, everyone opposes everyone. In a game of four, there are two partnerships made up of two players. Traditionally, 40 cards of the Württemberg pattern pack are used: Ace, Ten, King, Ober, and Unter are there twice in all four suits.

The aim is to collect as many points as possible. There are combinations of cards, meldings, that score specific amounts of points. After dealing, the players bid for the kitty, the pile of remaining cards. Much as in Poker, the kitty will be used to complete meldings. To bid, the players name a score that they want to achieve by in the game through meldings and trick-taking. The winner of the bidding must reach their announced score to win the game.

Check out the fresh design at the Pinochle Palace, try out this nice trick-taking variation, and get to know its subtleties. Take the opportunity to play Pinochle as a Premium member for two days for free. To do so, click the following link today, December 13, 2019.

Click here for two Premium days at the Pinochle Palace

Good hand and have fun!

Your Palace Team

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