Can you keep up?

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Can you keep up?

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Dear friends of the Palace,

Our happy anniversary is slowly coming to an end. Among our newcomers, we want to introduce our second game released in 2019 to you – Spider. We published it on August 6. Just like its bigger sister Solitaire, Spider was soon hosting a community of solitaire fans. Hence, we give thanks for your enthusiasm with a couple of free Premium days.

Solitaire Extreme

Some of you might be wondering: Is there not a Solitaire Palace already? That is right, but at the Spider Palace, you can play new modes of Solitaire. The initial set up at the Solitaire Palace is Klondike. Whereas at the Spider Palace, you get to play the famous Spider Solitaire.

We spice up classic solitaire gaming with a multiplayer option at the Spider Palace: All players receive the same cards and must sort these cards into sequences from King down to Ace. The player doing the most effective job receives the most points. Different from Klondike, Spider uses two sets of cards, so 104 cards in total. This is why there are more stacks, and more cards can be dealt. The more suits are used in the game, the more complicated it can be.

If you control Spider, you can try another mode, Scorpion, using custom rules. Scorpion is related to Spider, but it does use a couple of different rules. For example, the cards can only be placed on top of cards of the same suit during sorting.

And now, we have a little announcement for Spider: Next year, we will offer tournaments at the Spider Palace. You can compete with other Spider fans there. May the most effective deck solver win!

Challenge yourself and others with this versatile variation of Solitaire. Click the following link today, on December 14, 2019. Afterward, you can play as a Premium member at the Spider palace for two days for free.

Click here for two Premium days at the Spider Palace

Good hand and have fun!

Your Palace Team is looking forward to seeing you tomorrow for the grande finale.

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