New Year’s Tournament 2020 at the Palace

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Dear friends of the Palace,

After our Summer Tournament was so well received, we were eager to offer you another official tournament by Spiele Palast. We will make short work and dive right into the New Year: On January 2, 2020, we will hold our New Year’s Tournament! Seize the chance, enjoy the suspenseful atmosphere at the tournament and find out how far you can get.


The New Year’s Tournament will be arranged for the following games:

Everyone can partake! Of course, you will face tenacious opponents. But if you come out on top in your game, appreciation and exclusive prizes await you.


Once again, there will be exclusive Spiele Palast certificates, numerous Premium days, and a jackpot bulging with up to 10,000 chips. The certificates are lovingly and exclusively designed by us for you – real treasures. Here are some examples:

All winners of the places one to three receive such a nifty certificate as a PDF. All winners? You read right. When 200 registered players are exceeded, another tournament will open automatically. This means, if 1,000 players registered, five tournaments would be played. As a result, there would be five first places, five second places, and five third places.

The jackpot and the Premium days will be split among the winners. The first place receives 70% of the chips in the pot and 90 Premium days, the second place 20% and 60 Premium days, and the third place 10% and 30 Premium days. Each tournament with up to 200 players has its separate jackpot.


To join the tournament, simply sign up via your desired game. To do so, enter the game you want to compete in at the tournament. After this, find the button „Competition“ and click it. Enter the section “Tournaments” and, starting today, sign up for the New Year’s Tournament there. Now, all you have to do to take part in the tournament is being online in your game on January 2, 2020, 8:30 pm CET.

We look forward to seeing you!

Make sure you don’t forget to sign up. It is best to get it done right away. Once that is done, you can happily anticipate the tournament with us. Now it is time to practice! After all, our best will encounter each other. Be well prepared; practice makes perfect. So don’t be intimidated and show your skills.

We are happy about everyone joining the tournament!

Since we are taking things a bit easier during the holidays, the comments here will be deactivated during this period. Afterwards, you can reach us in the comments as usual.

Greetings and already wishing you a good hand,

Your Palace Team