Going Rummy – How should it be in the future?

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Dear friends of the Rummy Palace,

today it’s about the change of the “Going Rummy” rule from April 1, 2019. We have received a lot of feedback from you through all channels on this topic. Since the feedback is mixed so far, we would like to start a survey on the subject to get a better understanding of what the community thinks about the rule change.

The starting point

With the old rule players could Go Rummy at any time, regardless of whether the other players had already made a melding. By Going Rummy the winner scored double the points compared to a regular going out.

As a result, some players have focused on this type of play style and have preferred to apply that same strategy over and over. In such game rounds players draw card after card from the pile until Going Rummy was possible without any other actions. This made the game feel static and lethargic.

We have always received a lot of criticism for allowing this kind of game play. Many players often got the impression that Rummy Palace is only about Going Rummy and that this does not compare to the dynamic Rummy as they know it. Therefore, we decided to apply the change that is live now since April 1, 2019.

The change from April 1

In the change that went live at the beginning of this quarter, we have changed the scoring. You only get credit for Going Rummy and receive double the points when no other player has made a meld, yet. Going Rummy and scoring double the points is still possible, but only as long as no other player made any melds. This change means that some experienced players can no longer use their previous style of play with the same success and they feel they are no longer able to play as tactically and thrilling as before. These players want us to return to the old rule.

What’s next?

We believe that just reverting the rule change does not do the problem justice. A solution that satisfies both factions is not in sight. Another special rule does not help, because most people play on free tables without custom rules. As a first step we would therefore like to know what you think about the topic, and whether there is a clear majority for one of the two options.

Survey Going Rummy Rule: Which rule do you like better?

Vote for the rule that you like better. We will collect all votes and publish the results here on our blog. Of course you can also leave your opinion in a comment on the blog.

Best regards and always good cards,
your Spiele Palast team

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  1. Avatar for Spiele Palast Larry | 16. Mai 2019

    Don’t matter I play for fun.
    Great game.

  2. Avatar for Spiele Palast gary yalcin | 14. Mai 2019

    old rule was much better !!!!

  3. Avatar for Spiele Palast Bloob | 14. Mai 2019

    My impression is that game now is a lot faster, and everything is solved in the first three rounds, because early opening means safety against the Rummy. Winner is practically determined by dealing software, at the beginning of the game… I like the new game idea (harder to get rummy), but i don’t like what game look’s like now.

  4. Avatar for Spiele Palast Dominique Vaisbroit Allen | 14. Mai 2019

    Old one please. The new one is boring

  5. Avatar for Spiele Palast Sylvia Koenig | 14. Mai 2019

    Old rule please

  6. Avatar for Spiele Palast H | 14. Mai 2019


  7. Avatar for Spiele Palast Mr Klown President | 13. Mai 2019

    You tried to solve „a problem“ by changing the scoring per 1 April and now you try to solve the „new problem“. None of these were ever problems, the only problem is that PALAST doesnt understand what is going on in „Rummy land“, and therefor just makes all kind of moves without understanding where to look, what to evaluate and then how to act.

    First you have to understand there are many different types of players. Group one is the fun player (not playing for any leagues, just to have a good time). Group 2 are the hardcores, but they are NOT one group. Some want to score as many points as possible so they can compete in the POINTS Competition, but others are only interested in the Chips competition; as long as they end up with 1 point more than their opponent they will succeed. The third part of the hardcore group is not interested in chips or even points and just cares about their stars or to be more precize their Rank. Every 0,01 matters as they want to get into the top of that prestigious Star Ranking (Wertung) League. And then you have the players that are members of a Team and just try to win the Team competition. There is also a HUGE difference between players mostly playing the 3 and 4 players tables and those only playing 1 vs 1. There is no way you can compare all these different kind of players as they all want something else out of that same Rummy game. So instead of asking what „the rummy player“ (as noted above that „average“ player does not exist!!) wants Palast should finally act to serve ALL players: seperate the different kind of players and all groups will be much happier, there will be less cheating, frustation etc. Start by applying the „skat rules“ meaning 1,2 and 3 star players CAN NOT join tables with 4 and 5 star players and vice versa. It will solve your going rummy (hand) or not as lower players prefer to meld and higher players gun for going rummy. At the same time all the competitions will benefit. The top Point players can not look for lower players to demolish, gaining huge amounts of points and leaving the newer or less skilled players devastated. The top skill players are now forced to only play 5 star opponents or maybe the upper half of 4 stars as well. Currently some of them only play 1 star opponents and get rewarded for that by Palast by getting huge increases in Rank that makes no sense. A Top Skilled player should not become top 10 or top 3 by just beating clueless oppenents. Liverpool can also not become the winner of the Champion League in football by beating 8th division teams all day long and never ever playing Barcelona, Juventus, Real Madrid, Munich etc. But that is exactly the situation that Palast created. So act now and stop all that. You will see all the dynamics will change, people will all enjoy their own level and ratings and rankings will be fair, all leading to more competition and more fun…Right now Palast is destroying Rummy and all they (and the players) built in the last 3 years.

    • Avatar for Spiele Palast Missy | 14. Mai 2019

      Yes.. I agree in every point. I was part of the hardcoregroup..playing the game fair in competition with the best, it took long to realize, that palast doesn’t WANT to see. I really hope, that palast will show any reaction to your effort. I normally received no feedback. Well.. I stopped playing cos you get nowhere without using the possibilities of the system as many others do. This is not a question of handrommee or not handrommee.. They just have to open their eyes to see and fix the system which doesn’t work. Hope they get in contact to you to take over your ideas.

  8. Avatar for Spiele Palast Lenka | 13. Mai 2019

    New rule is much better and fer.

  9. Avatar for Spiele Palast Deanie | 13. Mai 2019

    The old rule, but you should be allowed to leave the game when you know that there is nothing you can do to make it up.

  10. Avatar for Spiele Palast Sand | 13. Mai 2019

    New rule is better for the game 😉

  11. Avatar for Spiele Palast Dragana Simic-Manojlovic | 13. Mai 2019

    Please back us the old rule

  12. Avatar for Spiele Palast Marija | 13. Mai 2019

    Old rule!

  13. Avatar for Spiele Palast kandie chalmers | 13. Mai 2019

    when someone plays going rummy and gets double points you know that you are not going to catch them up but you have to continue playing so that you don’t lose your loyalty stars
    then it happens again but you have got to continue playing until it is no fun anymore. you should be allowed to leave the game with no penalties because the winner has the chips anyway.

    it is fairer the way it has been changed. because each palyer participates in the game weather they win or lose and that is why people play rummy because they want to participate in the game.

  14. Avatar for Spiele Palast linda schippers | 13. Mai 2019

    old please

  15. Avatar for Spiele Palast Sheila Blandin Feenan | 13. Mai 2019

    Old rule

  16. Avatar for Spiele Palast Sogol Akhavan | 13. Mai 2019

    The old way please

  17. Avatar for Spiele Palast Tineke Bolhuis | 13. Mai 2019

    Old rule please back rummy 2x points!